Tips to Win the Lottery Winning a lottery is a pure luck and there are some tips on how to win the lottery easily apart from luck. Playing the games with less number of balls has the chance to win start with the five balls then six balls and so on. Play the games with lower numbers as you have better chance of getting the odds. Donít opt for the games that use the computer generated numbers. Use the own numbers as that can reduce the effective number for the play. Play with the ping pong balls so that the winning chance increases. You can play more number of tickets and concentrate on the lottery game. The other method of winning the lottery is by getting the numbers lucky for you. Some people will depend on the horoscope finder to predict the lucky numbers for them or with the numerology prediction. Some people will have their own lotto strategies like picking the numbers in random order. If an individual plays for a long period of time then he can make a clear formula for winning and losing the lotto strategies. Identifying the combination of numbers is very important and this can be done with the help of practice only. A usual player is well known about the hot and the cold numbers and with this combination you have a higher chance of winning the lottery. The professional playing alone cannot make an individual win the lottery as the combinations work well.